Joss used his Monaro in whilst the Sunbeam is being fully repaired and fans of this excellent car hope it will back on track very soon. Joss Ronchetti posted a message onto Ten Tenths Motorsport Forum about his future, here is what he had to say.. Maybe it was when you picked it up. This trio put on an exhilerating battle for the lead , mph average laps before disaster struck when Baby Bertha found a box of neutrals and slid across the grass at Roberts and inadvertantly T-boned the Sunbeam into retirement. Harryoz 1, posts months.

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Michael Barrett When I bought the Sunbeam in and returned to racing I had a very different ambition. As said welcome to the mad house Pics are always a must. It will be going to plenty of different race tracks, not sure about ‘Thunder Road’ wherever that is: Then a big gap, returning to the sport in The season perhaps the bestwinning peo races outright to take the series.

Joss Ronchetti Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

Mallory Videos Donington Videos News In the last 10 seasons with Phil and Mike Seaman and the PRO-Driver Team we have achieved way beyond what I set out to do, and what most sane people thought was impossible in a Sunbeam Lotus, both in lap times, results, and reliability.

When do you expect the first outing. Seaman Motorsport of Norwich raised the 2. The only developments will be on the Motor, which is being sorted now Knights, the rear wing will be going higher, and a weight loss program, which be taken at a slower pace, while we are out racing: Someone on here spotted it on a trailer, a week or so back. Harryoz 1, posts months. A sad end to a great dice.


Joss Ronchetti’s Email

With carbon panels keeping the weight down to kgs rronchetti, a Hewland gearbox the end car was a very fastreliable and well sorted race car.

But to be honest it just simply not as much fun, and never will be compared to the Bullet. Good news to hear that someone bought her.

Joss used his Monaro in whilst the Sunbeam is being fully repaired and fans of this excellent car hope it will back on track very soon. With the aid of Pro-Driver vehicle logistics Jossthe MD of the grouptook in a busy race programe year after year.

Sunday, 27 January A message from Joss Ronchetti. I’m really pleased with it, it has all the right bits onit already, so not much development can be done, saving loads of money, as I have learnt from the Sunbeam development program over the last 8 years.

Four Wheel Racing News: A message from Joss Ronchetti..

Very nice and Welcome. HOME Class of So josz a goodbye from me being at a circuit somewhere most weekends in the racing season for the immediate future, but It’s certainly not for ever, I will still be popping up here and there, doing the odd shared drives, event days with PRO-Driver clients and trackdays.


I also feel the task that I set out to do has now been completed.

I think a forum trip to your 1st race meet is in order to cheer on the ‘ro! PH – Most memorable drives. A big Big thank you to all those great drivers I have competed against who all drove in a gentlemanly way.

Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. Yes any updates please post be good to follow this one.

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These amounst many other appearances on tracks all over the country. Maybe it was when you picked it up. As Joss explained to Retro Car magazine Nov it was a long period of development getting the car to the front of the grid. If I don’t get the right offer for The Bullet then I will no doubt be making the odd appearance back rnchetti her too, she was built to race, not to sit in a garage.

Originally a rally car ,Joss started circuit racing with it in