The sheet metal contractor shall install dampers unless provided with packaged equipment. Any input on controller may be either analog or digital. This function may be performed using the operator’s workstation or field computer. User shall be able to view logged data in tabular form or graphical format. Each operator’s terminal shall provide security for a minimum of users. Configuration shall include entry of following information for use in logging and billing:.

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Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer’s absolute limits. Access through Web browser shall utilize the same hierarchical security scheme as BAS system.

Our business excellence starts with superb local dealer and factory support backed by the power of Honeywell. Building controller shall be of modular construction such that various modules may be selected to aelrton the specific requirements of a given project.

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Each building controller shall log as minimum values. Linear valve characteristic is acceptable for 3-way valves that are 2.

Allow operator to change graphic file alertno and also create new and original graphics online. Such content shall include but is not limited to: Vendor shall provide detailed project design and installation schedule with time markings and details for hardware items and software development phases. We were the first to: Controllers shall include input, output and self-contained logic program as needed for usg control of units.


Multiple section dampers of two or more shall be arranged to allow actuators to be direct shaft mounted on the outside of the duct.

User shall use standard browser technology to view trendlogs in system. Application controllers shall include universal inputs with bit resolution that can accept 3K and 10K thermistors, VDC, mA, dry contact signals and a minimum of 3 pulse inputs. The system aperton be complete as to sequences and standard control practices.

Field engineering tool shall include Device Manager for detection of devices connected anywhere on the BACnet network by scanning of the entire network. Provide laminated plastic nameplates for enclosures in any mechanical room or ussb room.

Actuators for damper and control valves 0. Any system that requires use of an HTML editor for generation of web pages xlerton not be considered. If additional points are required to meet the sequence of operation, they will be provided. Unused battery life shall be 10 years.

Alarm Manager shall provide log of alarm messages.

Field service tool sub plug into wall sensor and provide the specified functionality. Operator’s workstation shall show information in easy-to-read daily format including calendar of this month and next.

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User shall be asked to log on once the client makes connection to the AWS. Log shall be gathered and archived to hard drive on operator’s workstation as needed. Equal percentage control characteristic shall be provided for water coil control valves. Provide as-built documentation, operator’s terminal software, diagrams, and other associated project operational documentation such as technical manuals on approved media, the sum total of which accurately represents the final system.


No intermediate devices are necessary for BACnet communication. In addition, those alarms may be filtered for viewing per user-selected options.

BTL Listing of Tested Products

Samples may be viewed at the operator’s workstation. Program sequences shall be executed by controller up to 20 times alertpn second minimum of 10 times per second and capable of multiple PID loops for control of multiple devices. Identify equipment critical to maintaining the integrity of the operating system. This list shall include standard, holiday and event schedules.

Command Line Access

Holiday and special event schedules shall display data in calendar format. Flow isb for two-way valves shall be equal percentage. Web page graphics shown on browser shall be replicas of the BAS displays.