The document is scanned into the memory before transmission. Press Select The display asks if you want to enter another address. The smell will disappear with time. Configure the poster option: Page 37 This report shows information about the emails you recently sent. The printer beeps and does not allow you to proceed to the next step if a wrong number is entered.

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Insert the Drivers and Utilities CD. Check the display to see if there are any scheduled jobs.

Page 14 l Remove all staples and paper clips before loading documents. Paper Specifications Before purchasing large quantities of paper, ensure the paper meets pccl requirements specified in this User’s Guide.

Dell 1815dn Multifunction Lase Printer MFP Copy Fax Scan

For details, see “Advanced Fax Setting Options”. Power the printer off and then back on again. Go to the next step. Click Add on the Printer List. When the Administrator Login window appears, type in laswr in the Login field and enter the system password.

The CUPS lpr utility enables you do that. Page 18 Auto Fit does not work.

Fine Alser containing small characters or thin lines or documents printed using a dot-matrix printer. Place the document face down on the document glass and align it with the registration guide on the top left corner of the glass.


Lawer package supports the following driver models: Enter the recipient’s name and press Select For information about entering characters, see “Using the Number Keypad to Enter Characters”. See “Identifying Print Media Sources and Specifications” for information on the preferred weight for the grain direction of print media.

Dell 1815dn Multifunction Mono Laser Printer User Manual

Specify the network scanner you want to use by browsing or by providing an IP address to connect directly to a scanner. Check your operating system.

If you cannot mf; the paper in the output tray or the paper does not move when pulled, open the rear cover. To power on the printer: Do not disassemble the printer when it is powered on.

Dell dn Multifunction Mono Laser Printer : User Manual

Setting up the Email Account 1. Load the document you want to scan. The display shows the jobs reserved in memory.

Click Add on the Printer List. The package also delivers powerful applications for configuring your printer and further processing of the scanned documents.

dn 0HF CN-0HF | Dell dn HF Laser Printer Scanner

Click Finish to complete installation. Mp If you have stored the overlay file you want to use on an external source, such as a CD or floppy disk, you can also load the file when you access this Load Overlay window. Keypad Letters and Numbers Assigned numbers, letters or characters 1. You can enter a name you have stored in the Address Book. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names of their products.


This setting refines the print quality of characters by smoothing out jagged edges that can occur on the angles and curves of each character. The display shows the memory capacity and the number of pages being stored in memory.

Press Select to access Image Size. If you selected a folder, press Scroll or to select the file you mgp to delete and press Select 8. This tray holds sheets of paper.