When it comes to installing Windows 10 should I install into the System partition or delete 2 and let windows create its MB System and remaining Primary and install into that? Combine should be used instead of extract. The application must be installed after the system drivers including Dell Quickset while on the Windows Desktop. So that it can be done correctly. My instructions above were slightly wrong and have now been amended. The following systems are compatible with MediaDirect 3. To update the diagnostics partition download the following file AA0.

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If you have the DVD and can make the. Accept the User Account control prompt:. I upgraded hd to solid state GB.

Once 7-zip is installed, simply right click the. I have been informed its pointless to setup however as Windows 10 encrypts the drive and booting to Media Direct hence cannot read media files from the drive.

It worked for me, the original. Thanks I managed to download it and added it m110 the collection.

This will give you the various checksums and they should match the checksums below. Please follow the new instructions above.

Preparing your Hard Drive: Setting Up Media Direct [A Small Subset of Dell Systems Only]

Job Done at last! Do the install, take the cd out of the drive, shut down the laptop then boot with the mediadirect button. I would really like to get this working just for the heck of it. So that it can be done correctly.


You then have to power down and power up via the media button and it will just boot in to windows 7 medla. Power down your computer. The Media Direct partition is meant to be hidden and the easiest way is with a complete clean Windows installation setting up the partitions using the Media Direct DVD then loading Windows and making sure its 32 Bit Windows. Do not use Drive options dirwct delete any partitions if you want Media Direct to function properly.

Press [1] recommended or [2] if you want a C: When it comes to installing Windows 10 should I install into the System partition or delete 2 and let windows create its MB System and remaining Primary and install into that? If your system does not have Media Direct version 3 skip this step. Type in [Y] to continue:. I have no idea what you are on about with the search engineā€¦. I’d like to thank you in advance for leaving any donations or clicking on the affiliate links.

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Going for Dell XP upgrade to 8. The MediaDirect preinstallation setup will inform you it has successfully carried out the operations.


Then I can Download jedia and Upload it to mine beside the rest. I followed everything you have said I think. It should look like the following:. Learn how your comment data is processed. Did you use Macurium Reflect to clone the original drive?

So, it will fire up in windows 7 by pressing the media button. If you look at the image below the text drive options.

The partitions for Media Direct must be set up before the installation of Microsoft Windows otherwise pressing the Media Direct Button while the system is powered down can corrupt your entire Operating System.

Is it really not finding it or is the problem with BCD. Can you tell me precisely why we should use 7zip and ImgBurnas any burner will do the job. Obviously the mediadirect partition has no associated drive letter with it, could this be part of the problems.