I learned the hard way to stay away from initial software releases. I gave this a 2 awful , because M-audio Quattro is a 1 bloody awful Setting up the drivers on a cleanly installed Win XP was a pain in the arse. Usually there ARE solutions on an “older” system. Aside from that, it synced up perfectly to my computer and I’ve recorded three live concerts with it so far. I can’t speak to the Mac side, but the Vista OS has so many problems, driver-wise, it doesn’t surprise me that this unit wouldn’t set up easily, or run as advertised.

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However I have Sonar7 on my laptop and it’s running fine for me. Don’t fall into the trap and buy it thinking they’ll fix the software.

Rating and Reviews: PreSonus FireStudio

Stay tuned to motu. You’ll still get the trustworthy service you’ve come to expect from zZounds, without paying more for your gear! Resources Elsewhere If you leopqrd decide to make the leap, Lifehacker walks you through the steps to a safe upgradeincluding the all-important backup step. We’ll refund you the difference for 45 days, so you’ll never regret buying from zZounds.


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They will help you. Very clean and accurate sound overall. Its just strange clicking and popping that comes and goes as it pleases.

Confirmed compatible latest versionsexcept Ethno Instrument MOTU has confirmed compatibility of their software with The front is extruded aluminum, the case is not plastic as mentioned above, but sheet steel.

I gave this a 2 awfulbecause M-audio Quattro is a 1 bloody awful Setting up the drivers on a cleanly installed Win XP was a pain in the arse. Reply I have this question ldopard I have this question too Me too Me too.

Update on Leopard and the Presonus FireStudio Project – Same Scheidt, Different Day

This doesn’t feel plastic or cheap at all. Posted on Oct 29, Peter Mac Pro 2. Mac App Store Speciality level out of ten: Get it for less at zZounds.

When you say you set up a new partition on your drive with an older version of OS how did you do that? A lesson in Cords. Would be a 10 except for the drivers. I once had my Firepod unplug by accident at a live gig. Very nice sounding mic preamps.

Logic with firestudio project? – Logic Pro Help

I researched interfaces and finally decided to get the Firestudio 26 I also purchased a Faderport. Input connectors are Neutrik combo, output connectors are plastic but securely fastened to the backplate and not the pcb as on some cheaper products. I doubt I’ll ever buy another presonus product after this one. Earlier versions may still work, of course, but at your own risk.


I’ve been trying fiestudio contact presonus about this but my posts have gone unanswered and I can’t get any of their tech people to write or call me back.

I am only running the FSP now, I’ve unhooked the Firepod and no crackling yet however I haven’t had a decent session with it yet. I used a MOTU for years If the unit worked like it should I would be completely happy. The unit sounds great when its working.

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