Try it and let me know what happens. Friday, October 9, 9: This is going to ruin what would otherwise be Microsoft’s most successful operating system roll out ever. It might that your nforce series chipset doesn’t have the problem, and your chipset also differs because of SLI instructions. My kudos to the dev team

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I feel a sense h;t374 deja vu all over again with the symptoms others have reported. Wednesday, October 28, Searching for hardware ID s: Calculate your amount of memory in bytes in hexadecimal and substract 1.

Highpoint RCM Device Free Driver Download (Official)

You should see a “view reliability history” link. So you’d still get use of 7GB until a fix is released. Want to see if the same happens to you.

Again, attatch no other usb devices, and let me know if it made a difference? Didn’t seem very reasonable to me though I’ve heard of a leaked update that changes the string to 6.

Index of /BIOS_Driver/vista

And here is my log That’s definitely not a good long-term solution. I’m able to copy large files from my HD to my notebook just fine, the problem is when I try to do that backwards, the system gets slower and slower and eventually gets stuck sometimes it tells me that the hpr374 of my external hard drive is nos found even though the file seems to copy, because it appears in my external hard drive.


Tuesday, September 8, 7: Haven’t had any system freezes since I re-installled the older driver-at least I think I re-installed it?? I have an nforce a motherboard using the nforce Vitsa, October 23, 1: Here are the details: I am also eagerly anticipating a solution to vsita problem. And if you search this visra you will find plenty of people with USB problems. Just as a final note, before finishing this I copied another folder with about 5gb in one last attempt to re-create the BSOD and it spiked the cpu again to about 50 and settled back down.

Sunday, September 13, 7: Skip – Thanks for sharing that info. Thank you all for your help so far.

Index of /BIOS_Driver/vista

Nothing is showing up in Reliability Monitor, or you can’t even launch it? Is vosta anything else I can provide that might be useful? The RM does not automatically launch when an app crashes.

For example, here’s the latest driver for the a chipset: Can you please clarify why there are Windows Error Reports here? I can confirm this issue using a nForce SLI board as well. So do you have any other devices connected when you are trying to copy or just the usb external HDD?


The minute I plug in more vusta one USB device, system crash.

Can you please post the output from msinfo32 here? Temporary Workaround For those of you hitting issues with a hang or a failure to transfer data, please try the following Wednesday, September 30, 5: And finally, don’t be rude here, Mark is trying to help us too. You shouldn’t worry about installing the chipset drivers, especially for vjsta that’s been around for several years.