PocketPicture — It is a free graphic editor. Task Manager — The Task manager application is a bunch of several useful tools in just one tool. Best of all, you can download and install the mapping software right from our website. Is there one for free download? Losing connection repeatedly while updating weather, using Fring, or Internet explorer. The elegantly designed HTC Touch fits nicely into the palm of the hand and although lightweight is still a robust little unit that should stand up to the rigours of every day life. HTC have told me that there are some third party softwares but I cannot source them and HTC will not divulge the information.

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Where can i download it? During the next time also I have to do the same thing. Windows phone 7 theme need at least windows mobile 6.

Please check for same on xda forums links posted in previous comments. Hope you guys p4350 the list, do add any other software you know about in the comments.

HTC Touch P Smartphones GPS Navigation Software

Hope that helps was having the same problem at first. So, I decided to make a list of atleast 25 freeware that is a must have on these phones.

If I remember correctly there was a way to boot into some kind of a safe mode. I have HTC mytouch 4G utc phone.


They also are not labled as a download. Very useful when walking around looking for a Wifi connection to connect to: Stylish, smart and versatile, it opens up a world of media, communication and social interaction.

25 free softwares for HTC Touch or any Windows Mobile phone

I want to change the language french to english and i cannot view the drive on my computer when connecting to a PC. Every software mentioned here works on the Touch cause I am using all of them!!! SuiteIrvine, CA – Articles: Yahoo Mobile Go — Yahoo apps softwxre your phone, includes Yahoo messenger, contact book, search, calendar, etc.

How can i use another network? Can someone help me? I need an anti virus application for my htc hera If you are unable to boot into windows mobile you may have bricked you phone: Just flash the phone with a ROM from xda- forums.

Mobile software download for HTC P3450

I found mine here: The mplay32 dosnt seem to work on vista…. I called up HTC and I was told that the unit was only tested up to 2g. Luckily I had a backup on my softwars phone.

So try installing apps on your storage card to leave enough mem on the phone. Optimized for entertainment, the HTC Touch lets you enjoy your favorite music and movie clips through the integrated media suite.


Hmm pocket e-sword is an app, you dont need another to run with it. Please check for same on xda forums links posted in previous comments go to the xda-forums, choose one of the roms p4350 there and follow the instructions they are different for each ROM. Anyways I feel your phone memory is full and that is the reason you are getting this error. Donate and Let Buy Me a Beer. Tone Manager sofgware This is a small app for the Pocket PC to choose different ringtones for your contacts on a per-category basis, with the option to choose which category takes priority in the event of a contact belonging to more than one category.

Softwares for htc p Free Download

What is the largest storage card I can use in my touch. Text message option in messaging has disappeared, any ideas anyone as I send alot of texts and would rather not have to do a hard reset. The others were something like: My p3405 n70m can support only one minute voice recording, i want unlimited voice recording software when the space is full.