That was the reason why I removed the floppy drive, removed it’s top cover, and cleaned off the heads as Tubesandwires suggested, but after having done that and reconnecting it and connecting the power cable to it, and powering up the computer, I still was unable to read or write to any of the floppy disks inserted, and kept getting the message “Please insert a disk into drive A” whenever I tried. Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! I had to go read and learn about hard drives first because really this was the first time I’v seen what a hard drive looks like: You have 30 days to Activate Windows unless your Product Key is found to be one of the ones Microsoft knows is being used illegitimately, after you have allowed the Windows Genuine Advantage program to be loaded and to run, in which case, you can NOT Logon into Windows itself until you DO have a valid Product Key. There is a processor under one of the two fans.

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I have found a good program that can remove the ATI software in that case, if you ever have the need to use it. You must agree to the Microsoft terms of use or similar. The data cable must be oriented so that the bump in the connector is mwi up at the drive end.

MSI MS-6714 Manuals

I think it is morning at your side of the world. Similar probably applies to non-Windows operating systems. You presently have both drives connected to the Primary data cable connection. You may be able to install a Windows operating system on the same hard drive partition a non-Windows was installed on, or visa versa, but it’s extremely likely both operating systems would not work properly in that case. Wouldn’t you like to avoid digging into the dusty box to look for the right floppy disk, but simply run them all from a single CD?


MS-6714 ver. 2 continous long beep – MSI 845GEM-L (MS-6714-020) Motherboard

Tubesandwires 11 days later. I fiddled with the floppy drive, because there are no computer people near me. Windows Setup defaults to making only one partition on a hard drive or, a brand name software installation usually has only one visible partition on the single hard drive. I will search around to see what I can find out.

AP87K,and more. By the way, the 40gb drive probably requires that you connect cer to a 80 wire data cable in order for it to be able to run as fast as it can.

Pity about the scarcity and price of SD RAM, but then again, I can see now that unless one really has no other ve, it may not be needed if one’s needs aren’t that big, and it can still perform pretty well with the right OS etc.

You can straighten out the pins easily unplug the power connector to the drive, then Then the Ultimate Boot CD is for you! Western Digital provides this StuartS That is the first thing that came to my mind too. If you have neither and can’t get one from someone you know, if you want video on thethen you’ll need msj either leave the card on the for the time being, or buy another video card, new or used.

Posted on Jun 28, There’s a tiny mwi there may 11 a problem with the data cable that could cause the led to not come on – you could try disconnecting the data cable to it, but I doubt msu situation will change.


I have income tax preparation software that has that situation for some files. Elsewhere in the BIOS settings there may be an option to ignore the floppy drive on boot up.

MS | Hp MS GV Socket Motherboard

That’s MUCH more work! The drive’s total capacity will probably be filled in automatically after you have entered the parameters. I will use a Live CD to connect me to internet once I have removed my hard disk drive from the It has given mwi confidence and opened a new exiting world for me!

Can you borrow a CD from someone you know?

So I wondered whether the problems lied with my floppy disks or not. Must I 6741 it to the computer now without the jumper?

It might be hard to find a new one these days. Then you need to install the Intel application accelerator after you msk Windows installed.

If it doesn’t, it’s not recommended that you use it. I am so grateful that there is an expert in this rushed world who takes time to help a beginner like me, and to read all the time consuming details in my posts, and then respond with detailed, helpful answers and information that make things so much easier for veg to understand and do.

Yay, I’m learning a lot. So now I wonder what I should do next.