Fancy Gold and Jet Black. The till now really rather acceptable impression is dimmed by following two points. Ultimately, we could type fairly smoothly after a longer accommodation period, whereby a few extra key strokes couldn’t be completely prevented even then. The touch-sensitive touchpad has a knobby surface that merges smoothly, without any visible gaps or edges, into the wrist-rest surface. The rates are all within a green field in view of the access and transfer rates.

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Design is balanced, workmanship is suitable. The Wind U is available in two different colors. Either way even when I do press the wifi one, its still turned off. This doesn’t have to be the case, especially in idle mode, as other manufacturers’ devices have proved.

How to Enable the Bluetooth MSI Wind |

I can’t find it anywhere. MSI logo on the display’s back. Disk data transfer rate.

TeamRocketSep 24, According to the manufacturer’s homepage, the test device is supposed to achieve a runtime of up to 15 hours with the six cell battery.

If the light remains off, the Wind uses a different set of hot keys to enable Bluetooth.

Furthermore, the lower usage of power can offer a longer operating time. MSI Winds can be shipped with an optional Bluetooth module which allows the netbook to detect and install nearby Bluetooth devices. If you acquire a netbook and expect the performance of a notebook, you’ll also be disappointed by the MSI Wind U We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.


Netbooks are known for not being made for performance.

How to Enable the Bluetooth MSI Wind

It couldn’t only convince the jury with its looks in two alternatives, Fancy Gold and Jet Black, but us, too. Products may not be available in all markets. The Wind U has a compact bluetoohh quite solid plastic casewhich defies selective pressure very well.

The chiclet keyboard matches to the overall concept. My laptop is MSi and recently had to reinstall the OS[windows 7].

A dazzlingly attractive logo on the netbook lid, with a special power switch light on the end of the display hinge The design of the U embodies painstaking attention to detail. Keyboard A further highlight of the Wind U is its keyboard. In any case, an external keyboard is recommendable for longer and serious work, as the built-in keyboard isn’t bad but can’t keep up with a reasonably good desktop keyboard, anyway.

MSI Wind U, with courtesy of: About the Author Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since AwhispersechoDec 5,in forum: Consequently, it will be necessary to frequently adjust the display regularly.


There is a rich variation in color tone depending on the light source that is being reflected off the surface, giving the U a charming elegance that will never go out of fashion. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Also my laptop was advertised to have bluetooth, and I even have a little sheet that says it has bluetooth. Under different light sources, this finish will emit a multitude of color variations that create sparkling visual effects and evoke a minimalist undertone of taste and style.

A further highlight of the Wind U is its keyboard. I’ve searched through the start menu, in my tray icon, and there’s no shortcut buttons [that i know of] that will turn it on. Touchpad As for the mouse replacement, we would describe it as very precise and pleasant.

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